Kali Kaye


Kali Kaye is a pseudonym Vicki Hinze adopted for her atypical works.  For decades, Vicki has written what she calls her Sunday Books.  These are books she writes for the sheer love of the story just because she loves them, usually on Sunday afternoon.  Using her Vicki Hinze name to publish these works would be easiest but it wouldn’t signal her readers that the books are “different.”  With Kali Kaye works, one never knows what’s between the covers, but the hope is readers will love the stories as much as Vicki loves them.


The first Kali Kaye release will be Girl Talk:  Letters Between Friends.

In the early 1960s, four girls, as part of a 7th grade, nationwide school program, become pen pals.  They have little in common but become lifelong friends who confront together the challenges girls confront in the world they confront them.  Through their letters, we share their lives–their hopes and dreams, triumphs and defeats, joys and sorrows–and for all their differences, we discover that they are stronger and wiser for being friends.  For engaging in Girl Talk.

Coming in March 2012.


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