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Vicki has written hundreds of articles. Many are in the On Writing Blog–a writing library–and in the My Kitchen Table blog.  By request, the following have been made available on Amazon’s Kindle.  They’re 99 cents each, which is the least amount allowable for uploads.  Read them in the On Writing blog or click the link to be taken to the article’s Amazon page.   Kindly respect the copyright.  Visit, read to your heart’s content, but do not copy any article without express written permission.  (Use the Contact page for requests.)  You may link to any article on the website.

  1. Endings (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  2. Effective Narrative (Essential Writing Skills)
  3. Plotting (Essential Writing Skills)
  4. Elements of a Scene (Essential Writing Skills)
  5. Narrative vs. Exposition (Essential Writing Skills)
  6. Characterization: The Power of the Seemingly Insignificant (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  7. Rule of Three (Essential Writing Skills)
  8. Theme and Premise (Essential Writing Skills series)
  9. Beginnings (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  10. Creating the Fictional Dream (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  11. Sagging Middles (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  12. Psychic Distance (Essential Writing Skills)
  13. Mood v Tone (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  14. Suspending Disbelief (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  15. Elements of a Good Idea (Essential Writing Skills)
  16. Point of View (Essential Writing Skills series)
  17. Why Writers Need a Plan (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  18. Conflict (Essential Writing Skills Series)
  19. Novel Notebook (Essential Writing Skills)
  20. Hidden Meanings (Essential Writing Skills)
  21. Effective Dialogue (Essential Writing Skills)
All Essential Writing Skill Articles are available on Kindle, at readers’ request.  They’re 99 cents each, because that is the least amount permitted to charge for them. These articles (and many, many others) are available in the On Writing and My Kitchen Table blogs on this site.  
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