A Message from Cupid

A Romantic Novella
romantic novella by vicki hinze, writing as victoria barrett
Romance Novella
Out of Print.
“Barrett [Hinze] pits a headstrong independent woman against the mysterious artist who illustrates her greeting cards and who refuses to reveal his identity, until love forces his hand.  Delightful.”
~Affaire de Coeur

Amanda Jensen slammed down the phone. No grown woman should have to contend with this nonsense. It was enough to drive a stable person insane. Why couldn’t her mother just accept her for who she was and encourage her to be the woman she wanted to be?   Will Amanda Jensen follow her mother’s advice, or her own heart?  That’s the question in this novella.  And if she follows her heart, will she opt for the safe man in her life?  The known?  Or the one who has the X-Factor that cuts loose the dreamer in her and makes her soul sing? Every woman faces these kinds of choices.  Every woman lives with the consequences of her choices.  And often these decisions must be made when women are first finding their feet and their niche in the world. So it is for Amanda.  This is a story I had to write because I wanted to know what happened–and by its end, I so wanted Amanda to have her vision of her happy ending. Did she find it? What do you think? Blessings, Vicki  
Vicki Hinze

w/a Victoria Barrett

February 1998

ISBN: 0-312-96483-8

An Anthology

St. Martin’s Press


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