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Mega Christmas Giveaway

$200 Gift Card
  • To celebrate RISKY BRIDES, we participated in a MEGA CHRISTMAS Giveaway Contest for $200. The winner has been announced by A Girl and Her Kindle.  Thank you to the over 30,000 who entered! vicki hinze, risky brides, Christmas giveaway

Kindle Paperwhite

My Imperfect Valentine
  • Bobby

Book Fun Org Winners

Survive the Night
  • Mary Treace

  • Sumer Hniderer

  • Arlene Coulter

  • Vernita Jenkins

  • Marguerite Beal

Book Fun Org Winners

Lost, Inc. Series
  •  Sandra Wager

  • Linda Ortiz

  • Janny Rosario

  • Sharee Stover

  • Kelsey Perkins

Book Fun Org Winners

Crossroads Crisis Center Series
  • Rebecca Dewey

  • Frances Bott

  • Aizess Jones

  • Chris Harry

  • Jasmine Augustine

Vicki Hinze Newsletter Subscribers' Raffle

$25 Gift Card
  • Susana

Book Fun Org Winners

Lost Inc., Series
  • Heather

Christians Read Subscribers' Raffle

$25 Gift Card
  • Sparkle Abbey

Web Competition Winner

Survive the Night
  • Veronica