Living Your Faith:  Too Blessed to be Stressed

Living Your Faith: Too Blessed to be Stressed

We all endure personal trials and challenges and we focus on the larger ones taking place that impact our lives and those of our loved ones.  We empathize, sympathize and look on with hearts engaged at the troubles others endure and suffer. Some are more sensitive to...


© 2012, Vicki HinzeWARNING:  This is a no-edit zone… When writers come off a writing marathon, often they’re left scrambling to catch up on all the other things a writer must do and all the life must-dos that have been neglected during the marathon.  ...

Stress: Tips for Believers

  Stress kills. That is not in dispute.  And events have our stress levels skyrocketing.  Many feel they’re about to blow a gasket.   What can we, as believers, do to ease the pressure so that we think and act rationally and avoid some of the damage done by...


WARNING:  This is a no-edit zone… In the last week, every email that I’ve gotten from those who read this blog has related to crisis and stress.  Understandable, considering. Stress either builds slowly over time or comes on like a gangbuster and body slams...
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