Morning Wishes:  Strength

Morning Wishes: Strength

We’re strong when we must be, typically because we have no choice.  And yet going forward, we discover we can call on past strength-building experiences that aid us in overcoming a current challenge.  We discover, we’re stronger than we believed!  ...
Getting Grounded

Getting Grounded

Stuff happens.  We’re impacted.  Those we love are impacted.  And often when we’re impacted, and more so when those we love are impacted, and we oppose that impact, we reel. There’s been a lot of reeling going on in everyone’s life since early...


WARNING:  This is a no-edit zone… In the last week, every email that I’ve gotten from those who read this blog has related to crisis and stress.  Understandable, considering. Stress either builds slowly over time or comes on like a gangbuster and body slams...
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