Good Morning:  Guard Your Mind

Good Morning: Guard Your Mind

NOTEWORTHY Sometimes We All Need a Second Chance   We all make mistakes.  Some cost us our destiny…right? It may seem that way, but to some, life offers merciful second chances.  What makes them special?  Why them and not everyone?  And what kind of second chances—so...
Guard Your Mind

Guard Your Mind

Guard Your Mind   What goes up, comes down. What goes in, comes out. So . . . If you fill your mind with trash, When you empty your mind—in your thoughts, actions, and deeds, What are you emptying? Trash. Guard your mind. Fill it with good, constructive, positive...

Guard Your Mind

  The mind is a powerful thing. It can convince us we’re well, sick, happy or sad–it can skew reason and truth and take in jibberish and spew out logic. The problem is that logic might be twisted, that truth not truth at all.  Our minds might convince us...
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