What We Can Learn from Newton’s Third Law

What We Can Learn from Newton’s Third Law

Social N Article being added to the Writer’s Library WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM NEWTON’S THIRD LAW By Vicki Hinze       What is Newton’s third law and why does it matter to us?  Simply put it’s the law of action and reaction.  You know the one I mean.  Every...


Turn Your View Around  © 2012, Vicki HinzeWARNING:  This is a no-edit zone…  Bad things happen.  But often with perspective, we see that they weren’t worthless.  Those bad things protected, prevented worse, prepared us with the wisdom of experience, offered...

Creative Writing Books and Articles on Kindle

My assistant Cheryl has been working to fill your requests of putting my writing books and articles up on Kindle.  She still has a lot to do, but she’s gotten a good bit done on this project (see photo above). You can read excerpts on the ebooks page on my...
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