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Written by Vicki Hinze

On June 14, 2005

Warning: this is an edit-free zone.

You know, I remember summers being a time of lazy days, lots of sunshine and, okay, more than a few mosquito bites. What I don’t remember is being tied to my desk so much it takes a tropical storm to break away and see the sun–or in this case, the rain and wind whipping around the trees.

It’s easy to get too busy in this job. I think that’s probably true for doing anything you love. You’re excited about work and you drown in it, not realizing that you’re doing it half the time.

Yesterday, my daughter, granddaughter and husband went to the farm and picked blackberries. I had to stay at home to go over some copyedits that are due back in New York pronto. When they returned, my grand was so excited. Her face was flushed and she smelled of kid sweat. But her eyes sparkled at this grand adventure of tromping between the rows and tossing blackberries into a bucket. I looked at my daughter and husband, and their eyes were sparkling, too. And it hit me how little of these type things I’ve had time for in the last few months.

Okay, I make time when the baby asks me to go to the mall and ride the carousel, or to go shopping, or to go to lunch. If she asks, I go. I work late, early, whatever it takes, but I go.

Still, I’ve not been to the park to dangle my feet in the water since Mother’s Day. Or been to the beach to watch the waves–one of my favorite things to do for perspective. Looking out on that horizon, well, no problem seems too significant or difficult to solve.

I reviewed my list and so far this summer, I’ve written two books, revised one, copyedited another, designed a website, bookmarks, put together two promotional plans, done three workshops, two lectures and a few other little goodies. I’ve one conference, two workshops, one lecture, one set of revisions–maybe two–and one book to write before September 1st.

I pulled out the calendar and scheduled everything I know to expect. I know things will come up that need to be done, but I have two days circled in red. My days. To go to the water and play in the waves. You can bet a lot of other things will give before either of those days get marked off the schedule.

It’s easy to forget many things, when you go project to project, ticking off items on your to-do list. You tend not to spend a lot of time thinking beyond the next high-priority item. But every now and then, a body just has to stop and take stock. Smell the roses, and their leaves and stems.

I mentioned this to my husband, Lloyd H. He thought a second, then said, “Yeah, I don’t remember ever seeing anything about working on a headstone.”

I thought about that. A lot longer than a second.

And since I’m on my way to mail in those high-priority copyedits and a few books to contest winners anyway, and since the water is a mere block away, I believe I’ll just stop and sit on the dock for a while.

Summer, like grandchildren, can’t wait…



Trust is earned, one book at a time.”

–Vicki Hinze

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