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Remember to Vote Today

Written by Vicki Hinze

On August 14, 2012


Today is primary day in our county, and in many other counties across the nation.  I’m asked often for recommendations.  I don’t give specific ones because I believe it is the duty and responsibility of citizens to get informed and make their own decisions.

To that end, I will offer this advice:

1.  Ignore what you hear and look up the candidates and their qualifications.  You’ll be surprised, no doubt, at what you find (if you haven’t been tuned-in to what’s going on).  (i.e. one individual running for office is under investigation for corruption, which doesn’t mean that person is guilty–but it does mean that as a citizen it’s your duty to check it out and be aware).

2.  Ignore what you see on the net by news organizations, Pacs, Super Pacs and on party sites–any site unless you know personally and trust the source.  Some are absurdly disingenuous by design or out of ignorance.  Regardless, you can’t afford to let either decide your future.

3.  Get informed BEFORE you vote so that you don’t suffer remorse or surprise AFTER you vote.  We get the government we deserve, my friends.  It’s our job to know who and what we’re getting when we make choices and we will live with them.

That’s it on the advice front.  Oh, except that it’s a good idea to wear that little “My vote counted” or “I voted” sticker.  It can remind others who might forget to do their duty.




NOTE to my readers.  I heard you.

I’ve gotten a lot of notes lately about several of my books being available on Kindle but not on the other sites.  So we’ve been busy trying to fix that.

The following books have now been added to Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes and Barnes & Noble:

Writing in the Fast Lane cover

ABA Non-Fiction

Mind Reader cover

ABA Romantic Suspense








Jessica is currently working on getting these into print copies as well.  The first will be Duplicity and it’ll be ready in a few weeks.

Thanks for your patience on this.  We’re trying to get them for you.

A note.  These will be out in audio as well near the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

Blessings and gratitude for your support!



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