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New Venture on the Near Horizon

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Written by Vicki Hinze

On April 12, 2013

Authors are curious by nature and inspirational authors get a double dose blended with a strong desire to reach out and lift others up.

And that brings me to a new venture I’m undertaking.  I’ve teamed up with the Book Fun Organization on their monthly magazine and plan do to a one-minute video each issue.  The title of the collection (when there is one) will be “Lift Me Up!”

The way I envision these, they’re a bite-size bit I hope will lift spirits and improve moods.  Family friendly, like the magazine.

I’m thinking of something like this for the visual to accompany the video, so it’s easy for readers to spot:




It’s a rough sketch and not finalized, but what do you think?  Thumbs up or down, or indifferent?  I’d appreciate your feedback!







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