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National Day of Prayer

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Written by Vicki Hinze

On May 3, 2012

Today is our National Day of Prayer.

There was a time when advance notice would be posted all over the place.  You’d read about it in the newspaper, hear about it on the news.  That’s changed in the last few years, and more’s the pity.  But it doesn’t mean that you and I can’t spread the word and join the voices of the others who are determined that this day not fade into obscurity.

That’s how these things work, you know.  Focus is diminished and awareness fades away and then later the matter returns but in a different form.  We’ve seen that attempted already with taking our National Day of Prayer and making it a national day of service, a national day of reason and several other substitutions.

I don’t object to days of service or reason; we sorely need both.  But no service or reason is an adequate substitute or can, in my humble opinion, do as much for our nation or us as a people as prayer.

We’ve been through some difficult years and there are more challenges on the horizon.  This is no time for us to grow weak or forgetful and it’s certainly no time to feint.

Many who read my blog do not pray.  Many we all know do not pray.  But those of us who do pray know the power of prayer, and so we must be diligent.

I’m reminded of a time a friend was so mired down in challenges, he said he didn’t think he could pray anymore.  I told him not to worry; that I’d pray for both of us until he caught his breath and could do so on his own again.  That’s, I believe, the kind of attitude we need to have about this.  To pray for ourselves and for those who for reasons of their own feel they can’t pray or choose not to do so.  The Bible says where two agree, it’ll be done.  That if we turn to Him, He’ll heal our land.

We’re enough.

I’m often asked about the state of our nation and what one person can do.  There are a lot of options, of course.  Yet hands down the best and most effective and most potential good that any or all of us can do is to pray.

And so today, on this National Day of Prayer, my hope is that those of us who do pray and believe in the power of prayer will do so.  Our nation sorely needs it.  Our people sorely need it.  We sorely need it.




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