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NaNoWriMo—Huh? What’s That?

Written by Vicki Hinze

On October 26, 2011

© 2011, Vicki Hinze


National Novel Writing Month, affectionately dubbed NaNoWriMo, officially kicks off November 1st.  Are you ready, authors?


Not familiar with the program?  You might want to get familiar.  It’s fun and it’s productive.  A time to intensely focus on writing.


The objective is to lock your internal editor in a closet and write your heart out—an entire novel—in thirty days.  The focus isn’t on finished product, it’s on producing pages.


Even so, it’s impossible, you say?


Well, it’s not.  It’s been done.  Often.  By writers who thought they couldn’t do it.  And some have gone on to sell the novels.  Others who have already sold the novels write them during this time.


NaNo (for short) started out tiny but now a projected hundred thousand writers participate.  You write, you report in daily on your progress, and that provides not only incentive to get it written but also the opportunity to network with other writers.  There are regional groups, cheerleaders and support teams.  It’s a great time for authors to come together and take what is usually done in isolation and join with others.   Not just any others.  But others whose eyes don’t glaze over when you talk about plot or character or novel structure.


It’s a wonderful time of writing for the joy and love of it.


You can learn more at  Why not sign up?  You’ve got nothing to lose and much to gain.






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