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On September 24, 2012


On the date of its release, I viewed the new movie, LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE.

Many of the secular critics had panned it.  But honestly, I ignore them.  Typically, if they’re crazy about a movie, it’s not my thing.  No offense intended, just being honest.  Our tastes differ.

So I had high hopes for this movie.  The American Ideals Lover in me has been starving for the past couple years.  You know the one I mean:  the God and country, honor and integrity, do the right thing for the right reason because it is the right thing and right reason part of me.

Well, I knew my American values tank was low.  I didn’t realize it was bone dry.  That it was became apparent when two minutes into the movie, she who rarely cries had a wet face.  Moved.  Sad that the spirit that made us who we were has been tamped down and we’ve allowed it.

Was the movie emotional?  Yes, it was.  Some would say in parts, cheesy.  But I wouldn’t be one of them.  For me it reminded me of what makes America, America.  And what makes Americans, Americans.

We don’t all agree on everything, but we do all agree we have and want to retain the right to express ourselves, our agreement and our disagreement–and right there in the theater, it hit me how much of that we’ve forfeited to outsiders and in the name of political correctness.

This was a hero’s journey inspired by his son, and one fostered by youths in the story.  It’s a rip your heart out and patch it back together story that reminds you how special (and rare) in this world it is to be free–and that there are many who would be delighted to take those basic liberties from you . . . if you let them.

I loved the movie.  It refilled my personal well on American freedom and what that means.  But perhaps more importantly, my husband, who rarely watches movies, loved it, too–and was still talking about it days later.  Every time he sees something on it, he reiterates again how much he loved it.

I can’t tell you how unusual that reaction is, and his asking if there’s another movie like it we can go see–well, I nearly fainted.  I love movies.  He typically does not.  But this one spoke to him and touched his heart–and he wants his heart touched again.

That, in my humble opinion, says all that needs saying.  A film that touches you . . . well, that’s why people make movies and why people watch movies.  And this one touches in such a special way!

Bring tissues.  You’ll be moved.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house–man, woman or child.

That was extremely encouraging to me.  Proved I’m not the only one who’s been missing those American Ideals being evident in daily life….

I watched it.  Will watch it again.  Will buy the DVD when it comes out.  Will give the DVD as gifts.  Why will I strongly support this film?  For many reasons, but two main ones:

1.  It’s wonderful and moving.

2.  If we support such films, more films like it will be made.

We need them.



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