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Written by Vicki Hinze

On May 9, 2019

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What makes us meet someone and find them interesting?

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A lot of different things can be the reason.  Similar interests, passions, desires, personalities, likes and dislikes.  But there is one thing that stands hands and shoulders above the rest.  What is it?

For the time we’re interacting, that person is focused on us.  Interested in what we’re saying, what we think, what we believe.  We sense we’re important to that person, that we matter, that what we are saying is incredibly important to them.

It is their interest in us that makes them interesting.

If you’re interacting with someone, and you’re looking past them to another, you’re half listening, with your eyes wandering or glazed over, we note it.  Maybe consciously or subliminally, but either way, we don’t forget how your lack of interest made us feel.  And that means, you’ll never be an interesting person to that individual.

So if you want to be deemed interesting, listen, focus, and give the person with whom you’re interacting your attention.  They’ll walk away feeling significant to you, and that makes you interesting indeed to them!




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