Duplicity Reader Guide


Duplicity, Vicki Hinze, Romantic Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Military Romantic Thriller


(Written by Sandie Scarpa et al)

  1. Captain Tracy Keener is dismayed to be assigned the case of Adam Burke, a man everyone has adjudged as guilty of grossly neglectful conduct, resulting in death of his squad.  There are many “obviously guilty” individuals that are currently coming into our court system. Yet we, as a just nation, are obligated by our own principles to provide them with legal counsel and a defense.  How do you think lawyers feel about such assignments?   Would it be difficult for you as such a lawyer to accept such a case? Could you do it?  Why?  Because everyone has the right to a defense, or because he deserves benefit of doubt until guilt is proven?
  2. Janet states to Tracy that “you must learn to lie.”   Do you think this is so?  Are all children truthful, and experiences of life shape them to distort truth?  Is there a distinction between an untruth born of the urge to deceive for gain, rather than a lie made for defense?  Can someone tell themselves such lies as to make it appear the truth in their mind?  If someone you are emotionally involved with tells you a lie, are you more likely to believe it without examination as to truth?
  3. Adam comments that training can make you function despite fear.  Do you agree? What kind of job would include such training?
  4. The locket that Tracy wears is a talisman against her fears, and a reminder to stay on her course of honor. It also serves as a reminder of her guilt at losing her child and husband. Many of us have such items.  Sometimes it is a toy or object from a safer time of childhood. Do you or someone you know have something like this? Does the meaning or potency of these talismans change over time?
  5. Escaping from locked rooms, jumping from building roofs, lurking in the shadows — it all sounds quite exciting, but in reality, most of this is dangerous and dirty work.  What would motivate you to take on such obstacles?
  6. It can be easy to be idealistic, but would you think it difficult to see the larger picture of a mission when you personally are at physical risk? What would be the most difficult obstacle for you – heights, water, blood, darkness?
  7.  Referring to question 3 above, could you set aside, overcome, or conquer such a fear with enough training?
  8. Tracy discovers that Adam Burke might not be guilty, but the case is closed by her superiors.  She didn’t drop it, but pursued the truth.  Why was that so important to her–especially considering it could cost her her own career?
  9.  Adam took abuse, ridicule, was lied to and about, and yet he stuck to what he believed was right–forfeiting his freedom and, if necessary, his life.  What character traits do you think one possesses to make them hold those values?
  10.   Tracy and Adam work together to discover the truth–and discover that few things they believed true were true and many they didn’t believe proved true.  Have you been in that situation?  How did you resolve it?  What did you risk to resolve it?  Did it work out for you?
  11.  Chemical weapons going missing is a terrifying prospect, and yet many think this is an issue not of interest to women.  Is it of interest to you or the women in your life?
  12. What is the one thing you most remember about Duplicity that will stay with you for a long time?
Duplicity, Vicki Hinze

Alternate Cover, Trade Paperback

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