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Written by Vicki Hinze

On September 20, 2005

WARNING: this is a no-edit zone…

Friday, I wanted to send my agent a bottle of his favorite: Crown Royal Special Reserve.

I don’t drink, so I’m really ignorant on anything to do with alchol. But I thought it’d be a piece of cake to order a bottle online and they’d ship it to him with a neat little gift card and that would be that.

That wasn’t that. It wasn’t that on Friday, Sunday, or Monday. Today, I thought I’d try again. Persistence pays, right? This can’t be that difficult a thing; people drink everywhere. You know what I mean.

Now, I got a basic education on the stuff from my friend, Bill. He advised me on the basics. So I thought, okay. I see the error of my ways. I’m good to go.

I spent the next two hours online trying to buy the damn stuff and have it delivered. Nope. I could shop at the stores, but when check-out time came, I experienced total lockdown.

Finally, I found a store in California that delivered world-wide. “Okay,” I thought. “Finally, this is going to work out.”

Nope. The online store was down. But–pure bliss!–there was a phone number. I called. The clerk didn’t laugh when I blew the name of the product. “Crown Royal Signature Select,” I said. (I know. Books on the brain!) “Um, he says. Do you mean Special Reserves?”

“YES!!!” I said. Oh, but I had a grateful heart. He had it. He shipped. This was looking very promising. I gave him all the information, and my agent’s name and address. He went silent, then said, “Um, we don’t ship–”

“Your site says, you ship worldwide.” I couldn’t help interrupting. I knew that tone and what it meant was coming.

“We do. Everywhere but Texas.”

“What do I do, then?” I asked.

“Mail it?”

Okay, I forgot about online shopping. I call the local Mail Boxes, etc. Nope. They can’t send alcohol. It has to be shipped separate and special, but some liquor stores do that.

“They do?”

“Sure,” he said. “Not all of them, but some.”

Okay. I pull out the local phone book. Not one ships–but they do deliver locally.

Aha!!!! Delivery—-like Chinese food!!!!

Back online I go. Now armed and dangerous, I Google and find a store online that sounds by the address like it would be close to my agent’s office. I call. Yep, they’ll deliver it–and the clerk didn’t have gift cards, but she’d jot down a note. That worked for me!

So it took me a while and a lot of help from a lot of people to get around to the right way to do this, but now I know. Find a local store that delivers. If so, you’ve got it made!!!!

And the perk? I know a LOT more about whiskey now than I did before this!

Returning now to my current manuscript. I don’t know if before this little adventure my heroine liked alcohol. But since I don’t drink, she’s going to have one. A double–straight up and neat.

For others like me, that straight up and neat means not mixed with anything else and no ice. 🙂

When you set out to do something new, you never know what to expect….


Vicki Hinze
c2005 (owner) (owner)


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