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Where’s the Logic and Who Wins?

Written by Vicki Hinze

On November 30, 2011
Thinking Aloud ©2011, Vicki Hinze

I viewed footage of the California park cleared of protesters last night.  It’s trashed.  Officers had to wear HazMat suits to vacate it.  What’s left behind is a mountain of garbage and filth.  The park is rendered unsafe for its intended use and purpose.  It will cost a small fortune to clean up the mess and restore it:  funds that California doesn’t have in its (near) bankrupt state.

So where is the logic in this activity?  What good is accomplished by the people for the people?  Now they’re further in debt and without a park.  This benefited . . . whom?  How?  I see no logic in this.  Nothing constructive accomplished.

Add the destruction created in other cities, the violence—fires, stabbings, rapes, murders—and one thing is clear: There is no logic and no winner, but we all lose.  And what we’ve lost far exceeds the physical and material destruction inflicted.




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