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The Joy of New Life

Written by Vicki Hinze

On March 2, 2005

This is a no-edit zone. 🙂

Saturday, I had the extreme pleasure of seeing my son become a father. His wife had a C-section, and he went into the OR with her–a brave thing for him, since he’s always been queasy at the sight of blood. Well, his knees went weak and down he went. But when his new daughter cried, he was up as if on springs, and his queasiness was forgotten.

It’s quite a miracle to see your child become a parent. It’s a miracle to see that special light in their eyes, that hope in their heart, that every atom of focus totally on their child. That too is a miracle.

Suddenly, your relationship with them changes. All the years of worrying (nagging) and protectiveness (over-protectiveness) and insistence on knowing details (nosing into every little thing in my life!) is clear to them. And it all carries different, understandable, positive connotations, because suddenly your child sees that to a parent there is nothing more important than the well being of their child. This change too is a miracle.

The awesome pride, as he held her up at the nursery window. A miracle.
The fierce protectiveness, as he discovered a bandage on her foot and hadn’t been informed of why it was there. A miracle.
The unconditional love in his every gentle stroke of her hair, touch of her face. Miracle upon miracle.

Mom and daughter and dad are home today. And as soon as he returned from work, he called me. Actually, the baby called and he interpreted. A miracle.

His voice fairly bubbled. He’d worked today and “couldn’t wait to get home.” A miracle.

We talked of children and being parents and the most amazing thing happened. He said, “Mom, I get it now. I understand how everything changes when you have children. Everything.”

I knew he meant his perspective had shifted in a significant way and all the hovering and nurturing and being overprotective had been now seen in a totally different light. And in his voice I heard a genuine appreciation for all those things that I’d never heard before. And that, too, was a miracle. One that touched me so deeply, I wept.

My cup runneth over, and my heart, if tender, is full. I learned something new in all this that will be with me forever.

The joy of a new life can’t be measured. Like a ripple in the water, much unseen is stirred and even more spreads outward–that which is expected and those amazing unexpected treasures that we cherish and hold deep inside for the rest of our lives.

The joy of a new life brings many more joys and heals many wounds. Some we knew we had, and some we didn’t. And recognizing it is a privilege and a blessing.

And on that, I close another day–a little sappy, but a little wiser, too…

This is an Edit-Free Zone. 🙂
Vicki Hinze

Note: I edit books and professional correspondence. But I do NOT edit email or this blog. This is chat time for me, so if the grammar is goofed or a word’s spelled wrong, please just breeze on past it. I’d appreciate it–and salute you with my coffee cup. 🙂

“Trust is earned, one book at a time.”
–Vicki Hinze

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