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Thank You, Veterans! (And Why We All Should Be Grateful to Them!)

Thank you, Veterans, Thanks Vets, thank you veterans, vicki hinze,

Written by Vicki Hinze

On November 10, 2014

In gratitude and with sincere appreciation for your sacrifices.

You’ve gone where ordered, done what was asked, and much of your

heroism remains concealed and obscured but not unnoticed.

In humble gratitude for freedom and the price you’ve paid

to provide it, thank you, Veterans.

Thank you, Veterans, Thanks Vets, thank you veterans, vicki hinze,

Facts You Should Know about Veterans


How many Veterans are there?

There are 19.6 million in the US (2013)[1]

Female: 1.6 Million,  11.3% Black, 79.3% non-Hispanic White, 6.0% Hispanic, 1.4% Asian,      0.7% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, 1.2% Other Race

All bleed red.


How many Americans served in Vietnam?

There were 9,087,000 on active duty [2]

47,378 died in hostile deaths.  10,800 died in non-hostile deaths.   58,202 died (some subsequently due to wounds suffered).  8 Nurses died, including 1 who was killed in action.  Of those who died, 17,539 were married. 61% were 21 or younger.


How many were wounded?

303,704 were wounded; 75,000 severely disabled, 23,214 disabled.  5,283 lost a limb and 1,081 suffered multiple amputations.

2,338 were missing in action. 766 were held prisoner of war. 114 died while captive.


How did the veterans feel about God?[3]

  64.4% were Protestant.  28.9% were Catholic. 6.7% were Other or None.

  93.3% were people of faith.


How did the veterans feel about the war?

     82% in heavy combat believe a lack of political will lost the war.  97% were honorably discharged.

91% are proud to have served their country.  66% say if called, they’d serve again.


What about in other wars?[4]



Photo: courtesy of DOJ via


The 2nd Persian Gulf War continues…

The fight against terrorists continues…



Freedom isn’t free.

We’re free, thanks to the veterans who have and do serve.

Our gratitude extends to the families who keep the home fires burning

and to all who support them.




[1] Veterans Affairs

[2] Vietnam War Statistics,

[3] Veterans Hour (see 2)

[4] Department of Justice via


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