Called to Serve?  Bottom Line:  Trust God

Called to Serve? Bottom Line: Trust God

WARNING:  This is a no-edit zone… Called to Serve?  Bottom Line:  Trust God ©2011, Vicki Hinze   Many believers feel called to serve and answer that call only to then feel displaced among others in their field or area of expertise.  They have no qualms with others in...


  It’s amazing how many people are in careers and on life paths that they stumbled or fell into without really aiming for that specific job or that specific lifestyle. Oh, a few knew what they wanted to be when they grew up from early on.  I freely admit that I...


BELIEVE©2007, Vicki Hinze Warning: this is a no-edit zone…It’s easy to believe when things are going well. It’s easy to believe when you’re enjoying the support of family, friends, colleagues, associates, peers. It’s easy to believe when you’ve nothing at risk...
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