Writing in a Fallen World

Writing in a Fallen World

We live in a fallen world. We are human, we make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. As human beings, these mistakes generate conflict and challenges for us and for others. That’s great for writers who rely on conflict as spines for stories, but it makes real life hard on...

Decisions We Make

Library Edition from Social In Network… Decisions We Make and Why We Make Them By Vicki Hinze   Life requires choices, and choices require decisions.  The decisions we make reflect our character. Who we are inside, and what we deem important. Making decisions...
What We Can Learn from Newton’s Third Law

What We Can Learn from Newton’s Third Law

Social N Article being added to the Writer’s Library WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM NEWTON’S THIRD LAW By Vicki Hinze       What is Newton’s third law and why does it matter to us?  Simply put it’s the law of action and reaction.  You know the one I mean.  Every...
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