Happy New Year and Welcome 2008!

A new year.  A chance for a new beginning, a new direction–a fresh start. Some changes we make will be so welcome, we’ll open our arms and embrace them with enthusiasm and zeal and a “Oh, yes!  Finally!” We acknowledge them, accept them into our minds and...


This one of those “can you believe it” days. In the news this morning, there’s a report on a thief that has me shaking my head and wondering, “What is s/he thinking?” Stealing isn’t a novelty; unfortunately, it happens with monotonous regularity.  So what made this...


Do You Believe in Holiday Magic? I do believe.  I do, I do, I do…   I suppose that whether or not you believe in holiday magic depends on whether or not you believe in magic at all, and on your personal definition of magic. In my definition, magic and...
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