Morning Wish:  Awareness

Morning Wish: Awareness

Awareness, like gifts, vary.  We aren’t all blessed to know all things.  Be slow to hold awareness, or the lack of it, against others.  In their gifted areas, they likely are more aware than others.  We all teach and we are all students.  Awareness is one of the...


© 2008-2011, Vicki HinzeNearly ten years ago, after a horrific accident that took months of recovery and left slight permanent damage, I wrote an email to myself that contained a daily spiritual post.  That was years before I started My Faith Zone and began sharing...

Writers and Depression: Tips on the Abyss

Writers worry. It’s the yang side of the creative ying. Yet prolonged visits to the black hole of the abyss aren’t constructive. Those visits rob from creativity and life. Here are some tips–the greatest of which is alluded to–write with...
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