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Our Florida Public Libraries are in Jeopardy

Written by Vicki Hinze

On December 27, 2010

Ironic.  Ironic?  No, it’s not ironic.  It’s more poor judgment and shortsightedness.

On the same day I hear we the people are paying an $800,000.00 bar bill, I hear our public libraries in Florida are in critical jeopardy due to the yanking of state aid from them.

It seems the state senate, with prodding from we the people, voted to restore funding to the libraries.  That’s 12.5 million for the entire state.  Not much for a state when a bar bill gets $800,000.00, is it?

Then it seems the state house came back with funding less.  How much?  ZERO  $0.00  Nada.  Nothing.   No money for the state’s libraries.

It’s worthy of note that the libraries have already suffered cutbacks and budget reductions.  These are tough economic times, so everything is doing it’s share.  But this is taking that “share” to a ridiculous level.

It seems the state house, while certainly more fiscally restrained than the federal government, still sees merit in protecting wetlands and wildlife, and deeming those essential projects but doesn’t see merit in investing in Floridians’ minds or in giving those jobseekers the opportunity to use libraries to rectify their employment situation (when more than ever our libraries and the services they offer are being used for these purposes and Internet access).  So it’s okay to support critters but not people.  And bar bills are essential but public libraries are not?

Priorities seem a bit askew here.  Substantially so.

If you agree, please click on the following link.  It’s a prepared letter to be sent to Florida reps and the governor asking them to fund the libraries.

Email Florida Reps

Unless common sense has departed the fix, they’ll see it’s the right thing to do.

Please note that I contacted Rep. Matt Gaetz on this yesterday afternoon.  Within ten minutes, he responded, saying he would do all he could.  In my humble opinion, his was the action of a true public servant.  No false promises, no spin, no ducking or trash talk.  Just a simple I’ll do what I can.  Admirable, that.  So kudos to him.



PS.  No offense to environmentalists, fish or wildlife.  Our first responsibility is to help people help themselves.  Then there will be more of us to look out for the wetlands and critters and not fewer trying to look after those who can’t help themselves and the wetlands and critters!

PSS.  I don’t know about you, but I resent paying $800K bar bills.  That’s got to stop.


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