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Morning Wishes–February 25

Written by Vicki Hinze

On February 25, 2021



It’s here! 

The Marked Witnesswhich is the last of the Shadow Watcher novel series, has been released and is available at your favorite booksellers. Here’s the cover so you’ll recognize it:

Book Link


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All of the BEHIND CLOSED DOORS:  FAMILY SECRETS novels are now available at Amazon in print and digital editions.  They are all also in the Kindle Unlimited program.  You can find them all here.

Blood Strangers, Vicki Hinze

Behind Closed Doors, Family Secrets, Debra Webb, Vicki Hinze, Peggy Webb, Regan Black, Cindy Gerard

In this heart-wrenching suspense, Gabby Blake, the estranged daughter of a single-parent father who has always kept his distance, is summoned.  Her father has had a stroke and he insists Gabby help him by doing work that will cost her not only her job but her life. Yet she cannot refuse.  She’s craved her father’s approval, longed to just once feel that she isn’t alone in the world and unloved.  Maybe through this work they can finally bond.

Her hope is short-lived. Her father is murdered . . . and Gabby is advised to vanish.  No one can protect her.  Disappearing is critical to her staying alive and avoiding assassination.

Aided by an online friend, Gabby disappears and starts a new life.  An unknown past rips open old wounds and family secrets that cut deeper than she believed possible—and unleashes a new betrayal from the one man in the world she had dared to trust with her life and her heart.

Even betrayed, they must continue to discover, reveal and accept secrets. They must untangle the past from the present to shield themselves from the wrath of ruthless, powerful people with secrets of their own. People determined to inflict twisted revenge and then to kill them, knowing they are Blood Strangers.


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