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Kathy Carmichael’s Tiara Moment

Written by Vicki Hinze

On April 6, 2015
Kathy Carmichael

Kathy Carmichael’s Tiara Moment


A few weeks ago, my dear friend, Kathy Carmichael, put a marketing strategy in place for her release, CHASING CHARLIE, a clean and sweet romance novel.


I reviewed the strategy and wagered Kathy that the book would be on Amazon’s Top Ten List in the Kindle Store before Easter Sunday. With the hope that I’d prove right, Kathy agreed—and the wager was set!


If Chasing Charlie made the Kindle Store’s Top 10, Kathy had to wear a tiara to get her nails done. In other words, to wear the tiara publicly. (I was admittedly bad. Kathy is modest and humble and I knew wearing the tiara publicly would be hard for her. But I also knew it’d give others an opportunity to ask her what she was celebrating and a chance to celebrate with her.)


Anyway, I WON! The book hit #2 and stayed there. Now it’s #8.  That’s in the Top 10 with authority!  


I’m not surprised in the least. Nor am I surprised, but I am extremely pleased, that Kathy kept her end of the wager and she provided me with the evidence to back it up—photos! 

Proof! Tiara Intact Kathy Carmichael

Proof! Tiara Intact
Kathy Carmichael


Note the cute kitty chair in the “Moment” photo—and Kathy’s red cheeks!  Cinderella doesn’t have a thing on her, does she?


I am most amused. Most amused.


And I am totally thrilled for my dear friend. Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment, Kathy!


You kept your end of the bargain and (lifting my right hand) I promise to practice my due diligence and let everyone know you have fulfilled your end of the wager by plastering these photos everywhere! LOL!!!


I’m sharing this on my blog for that reason—and it alone is more than enough reason to do it.  But I also want others to know that writers invest in other writers and they seize opportunities to celebrate with and for them. We all need to celebrate joyful moments.  Watching this unfold for my friend has been a fantastic experience for her and for me. I’ve been giddy since the book hit the top 100–and every drop in that ranking along the way to #2.  What a ride!


Life is good–and more amusing–with friends.


Mmm….  Does it make me a bad person to wonder…


Will my vision of plastering this be her vision of plastering this…


Oh I hope not…


Blessings and joy,





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