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It’s Release Day!

Breakdown 4 short reads

Written by Vicki Hinze

On September 7, 2018

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Today the Short Reads release in the Breakdown series.  I’m excited.  These four women–Laney, Dana, Julia and Ana–are ones you come to know well during the course of the Breakdown novels.  In these Short Reads, we (meaning, the authors), wanted to share the stories of why these women are the women they’ve become. 


Just like the rest of us, they had lives before coming to where they are now, and events they experienced then, shaped their lives and the way they react to events they encounter currently, in Shutter Lake.


These stories, in the Short Reads, are about the events and moments that defined their lives and their future actions—to themselves. These situations had hard, sometimes painful, consequences and the events had a profound impact on these women.  Such a profound impact that it formed their view on what their personal responsibility is and what most matters to them.


We all have those kind of moments.  Some are more subtle than others.  Some are traumatic and squeeze us between the rock and hard place. Some fill us with such an intense sense of purpose that we know where we will focus our efforts for the rest of our lives.


Those moments are never easy.  Never comfortable.  Never inconsequential.  How we respond to them defines us to ourselves, and to others.  In experiencing them, we define who we are. Who we were.  Who we want to be going forward.


Dana’s story is one that touched me deeply.  All the women’s stories touched me deeply, and I hope they touch you, too. 


And I hope you’ll be as curious about their futures as I was. Their lives in Shutter Lake.  Dr. Dana Perkins, her deepest fear (short read) and so many secrets (novel coming 10/11) had me in knots the entire time—and that was a good thing.


I want you to get to know Dana.  In the coming days, we’ll be sharing some Dana-isms.  Hope you enjoy those, too.


Get to know all the women in these $0.99 short reads:

no looking back by Debra Webb  BEFORE THE BREAKDOWN BEGINS…   

Homicide Detective Laney Holt is a good cop. She has dedicated her life since graduating college to serving and protecting. Now, after eight years with the LAPD, she has come face to face with her worst nightmare…one that will change her life forever and send her in search of peace. But can true peace be found? Even in paradise?

Get it Now

her deepest fear by Vicki Hinze  BEFORE THE BREAKDOWN DEEPENS…

In every life there is a defining moment. That one event that forever changes you and the direction of your life. This short read is that defining moment in the life of Dr. Dana Perkins, a psychologist and kindergarten teacher determined to help kids start out right in school so they’ll love learning forever. But then the unthinkable happens. For Dana, it changes everything…

Get it Now

just one look by Peggy Webb   BEFORE THE BREAKDOWN BROADENS…

Julia Ford is a topnotch investigative reporter, committed to keeping her readers safe by reporting every detail of the latest crime in Chicago World. But when a tip leads her into an unspeakable horror, her life changes in ways she’d never have imagined. Can she leave her past behind and make a fresh start in the perfect town? Or will the past follow her, even to paradise?

Get it Now

trust no one by Regan Black   BEFORE THE BREAKDOWN ERUPTS…

Hard choices, heartache, and heavy burdens ignited the personal drive and determination Luciana Perez needed to become a doctor. trust no one is a short story highlighting a critical event that shifted Ana’s focus and led her down a new path, the path she followed straight to the Shutter Lake Medical Clinic.

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