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On May 17, 2006

WARNING: this is a no-edit zone….

This morning, what’s on my mind is American Idol and Illegal Immigrants. I decided to blog on Idol and ponder Immigration a bit more…

Chris got sacked and my jaw is still on the floor. He did a great job on Suspicious Minds and I’m with Simon, the second song was flat, but that was the song, not Chris. That song choice, I fear, cost him the competition.

I didn’t like it–never been a Kat fan, though my darling husband is, and it’s made for some interesting events during the competition. (Read that–our version of watching rival football teams in the Super Bowl game.) But I accept it. Chris will get himself a good contract and do fine. He’ll go on the tour, respect his fan clubs, and do great.

When I got past the “he was robbed” portion of reacting to the vote results last night–okay, admittedly it takes a while, but my beloved was gloating and that should be factored in–we were chatting and sort of drew the same conclusion: the contestant we would most miss, if he were eliminated, would be Taylor.

Even when I’m not crazy about the song, I catch myself smiling all the way through his performance. And when I like the song–i.e., In the Ghetto, I’m touched by the passion in his voice. If there’s one thing a writer knows it’s that you can’t fake passion for what you’re doing. He’s got that.

And so Hubby and I, who are enormous Idol fans, looked at this competition a little differently. We both agree Elliot has an amazing gift. We disagree on Kat. Hubby is nuts about her for this years’ Idol. I am not. But I do see her doing classical music (that’s where her heart is, and I believe, her talent lies) and being very good at it.

But it is Taylor we look forward to watching. Taylor who sets his soul free in every performance, loving it, and freeing ours. He has the x factor. And that x-factor is the passion.

And wouldn’t he just make a fantastic character in a book?



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