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Feeling Lost? Lost Days versus Taking the Scenic Tour

Vicki Hinze, Author Vicki Hinze, My Kitchen Table blog

Written by Vicki Hinze

On April 4, 2016

Vicki Hinze, feeling lost, taking the scenic tour, life is the journey

I woke up this morning with the words in the graphic above on my mind so I thought it was a good time for a nudge to recall that life is in the journey.  There are going to be hills and valleys, wrong turns, road construction and detours. And we’re going to have to cope with all those things and a lot more. That’s just life, and it is a journey.

Over the years, we moved a lot, which meant we had to get used to new places, and finding our way around. That made for a lot of getting lost. I didn’t like the negative feelings associated with being lost. As if you didn’t belong. Were an intruder. So two things happened:

  1.  We didn’t say we were lost, we said we were taking the scenic tour.  That simple change of mindset changed the way we all responded. The kids noted things, I noted things. New places to visit, where things were, and what was there. Missing a turn became an adventure, kind of like being in a boat on a winding river and feeling eager instead of anxious at seeing what’s beyond the next bend. That was exciting, which brings about a whole different set of emotional reactions to the new place. A good, positive, and fun reaction.

  2. Now and then we’d deem a day a “Lost Day.”  That sounds bad on the surface, but it was a wonderful day.  We piled into the car, and wherever we wound up, that’s where we explored. We embraced getting lost, being totally open to whatever came and wherever we ended up. Sometimes it might be an amusement park, sometimes a museum. The beach, the woods, even caves or gardens or the zoo. You just never knew where a Lost Day would lead you.

Lost takes on a whole different perspective then.

If you’re feeling lost, try making that mental shift so that you see yourself on a scenic tour. Something of interest, and of benefit, will turn up and you’ll find some merit in the diversion. You’ll also be less stressed or tense and even more serene. When serene, you are far more apt to enjoy the journey of your life.




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