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Election Day: Will You Vote?

Written by Vicki Hinze

On November 2, 2010


After the most expensive mid-term election in our history, it’s finally here–election day!

We the people are grateful for many reasons, not the least of which we can almost see all the negative ads in our rearview mirrors. Soon the robo-calls and the pleas for financial support will be behind us.

Oh, we’ve still got all the allegations of voter fraud which are anticipated by all to run rampant this year–and no doubt will. These shenanigans that undermine our faith in the validity of the vote have many of us wishing our country, since it can’t depend on honesty and integrity, would depend on the purple stain on fingers. (Don’t laugh: it would eliminate the dead and jail votes which are significant in number.) Maybe next election…

For this one, we vote, watch and hope.

And we keep watching after the vote.

Because we understand if we aren’t part of the solution, then we’re part of the problem. And while we’ve treated voting as a privilege of citizenship, we have given too little thought to it also being a civic responsibility.

Privilege and responsibility always run hand in hand. You don’t see or experience one without the other. We’ve neglected that too long. So today, a reminder:

If you want to retain your griping rights, then vote.
If you don’t vote, don’t gripe.
You’ve forfeited the privilege.

Today Americans will decide who they want to be as a people. They’ll decide on many rules and propositions that impact how they will be governed. It’s your day to have your voice heard in the one way that isn’t ignored. Will you use it? Or lose it?




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