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12 Tips for Holiday Bliss: Part 1

Vicki Hinze, 12 Tips Holiday Bliss, Part 1

Written by Vicki Hinze

On November 22, 2014

Vicki Hinze, My Kitchen Table Blog

12 Tips for Holiday Bliss: Part 1


Vicki Hinze

The goal isn’t just to survive or cope with the holidays.  The goal is to enjoy the holidays wherever you are, whatever your circumstances. To get from survival to bliss takes a plan, a blue-print—some say, a miracle.  Miracles are gifts from above and some “miracles” are the result of our own actions.  If we hope for the former and work at the latter, we’re closer to success. It isn’t enough to just say, I want bliss. I need bliss. I deserve bliss. We have to do something.  What?  Try these 12 tips for holiday bliss:



1.  WATCH YOUR DIET. Comfort food is abundant and we want it.  But our bodies react to it, and not always well.  Weight gain, bloating, feeling sluggish–we all know the costs of overindulging. But the other side is that we get busy and forget to eat. Starve to fit into that special dress.  In a word, don’t.  Try hard to eat as you normally eat.  If you simply must have that fudge or those Christmas cookies, eat fewer of them.  Be mindful of what goes into your mouth because it will impact how you feel physically and emotionally.


2.  TAKE TEN.  You’re busy—and holidays make you busier with things that must be done. That makes it imperative that you pause and take ten.  Clear your mind, organize your thoughts, assess your priorities.  Just breathe. In ten you can any of those things or just be still.  Calming down, relaxing a bit, gives you time to adjust your attitude, redirect your thoughts, reclaim your patience.  All of that helps you recover from the busy-ness and prepares you for the round.


3.  ERASE OLD TAPES.  Holidays conjure all kinds of old feelings and memories—some of which are negative, hurtful and not at all pleasant.  They intrude at the least opportune moments and can spoil the most pleasant of events—but only if you let them.  Play the tape.  Assess it, focusing on any good that came from it, then erase it.  Bad tapes happened in the past. In a way, shaped your past. But they can only shape your present and your future if you let them.  You decide. Take the good—remembering you are not the person you were then.  You’re the person you are now—and erase the rest.


4.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE.  You have lots to do and can’t forget anything. So help yourself by making a list. Put everything on it.  Prioritize the list, doing the most important things first. Then get busy.  This will decrease stress and you can see your accomplishments with every item you tick off the list.  The focus keeps you aware of where you are and how much is done and what’s left to be done at all times.  That helps keep you calm, cool, and comfortable.


5.  FLIP YOUR STRESSORS ON THEIR FOOLISH ELBOWS.  We all have stressors. Those things that rile us, irritate us, annoy us, stress us out.  Maybe doing things last minute is your stressor.  So do those things early—first—and avoid having anything foreseeable to do last minute.  If the news makes you crazy when you’re functioning in overdrive, limit your exposure.  If crowds irk you, shop online or at odd hours when stores aren’t as busy.  The point is, you know what your stressors are.  Ask yourself how you can nix them.


6.  TICKLE YOUR FUNNY BONE.  When you are running six ways from Sunday and taxed to the max, it’s hard to locate your sense of humor.  But laughter can turn the tide on so many situations. You might have to dig deep and hunt for it, but find the humor and hang onto it. It’ll elevate your mood, the mood of those around you, and make whatever you’re doing more pleasant.  Attitude is everything, and a well-placed smile or giggle can make the sour sweet—and even endearing.


Join me next time for Part 2!




vicki hinze, risky brides, piper bayard, kathy carmicahel, peggy webb© 2014, Vicki Hinze. Hinze is the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of nearly thirty novels in a variety of genres including, suspense, mystery, thriller, and romantic or faith-affirming thrillers. Her latest release is Down and Dead in Dixie. She holds a MFA in Creative Writing and a Ph.D. in Philosophy, Theocentric Business and Ethics. Hinze’s online community: Facebook. Books. Twitter. Contact.

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