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We all have challenges that we doubt we can make it through; where we can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, we’re stuck in the darkness groping for a door out.  At times, we feel broken by the battles we face and, we ask ourselves, Is healing even possible? 

Our vision gets clouded by doubt, and what we often do not see is that if we hold on, we will get through our troubles. And what we rarely see (until we experience it) is that our battles leave scars that change us.  We’re no longer the person we were. We’re the person we’ve become. Wiser. Stronger. More confident and sure of ourselves because we endured and survived.

These are the stories I most love to write. Stories about the real us, without the veneer and party faces. Stories in which we recognize ourselves and bits of our lives. Stories that are destined to thrill, fated to heal.

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