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ISBN: 978-1-939016-15-7


ISBN: 978-1523200979 

Available 1/13/16

Christmas Eve a year ago, I had the flu. I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and felt too weak to make it back to bed, so I sat down in a chair at the kitchen table. The next thing I knew, Hubby was screaming for me to please wake up.  I was unconscious in a pool of blood on the floor–and subsequently down for two months due to injuries sustained.

Two months is a long time, and during it, I became aware of how little loved ones knew of everyday things. Where I kept checks, who provided our utility services.  My family could of course figure these things out, and dig around until they found what they needed (or got a bill), but I saw the wisdom in making it easy for them. I needed, I realized, a Continuity Book–and so did Hubby, because I handle some things and he handles some things and we don’t really get involved much on each other’s things unless we must.

I realized that to actually be used, it had to be simple, concise, clear and mostly fill in the blank.  So that’s what I’ve created because stuff happens to us all.  We get sick, injured, in accidents.  Events occur and suddenly we’re not in a position to think and/or act for ourselves and loved ones are often ill-informed on what needs to be done or where important items needed to do what must be done are located. Often, loved ones don’t know what exists, so they have no idea what they’re not doing that needs doing.  

The fault for that, by the way, isn’t theirs, it’s ours. They can’t read minds any more than we can, and only know what we tell them. So this booklet is my remedy for the lack, so that if down, a loved one can step in and do so confident that s/he is taking care of things without worrying about what’s getting missed, neglected or ignored, and that means you can focus on healing–and, though sidelined, you can rest easily. Business is being handled appropriately with minimal anxiety.

We don’t like to think about much less talk about dying, and this little booklet will help in that situation too, but it’s also critically important when you’re knocked out of commission for a time. Like when you have an unexpected surgery, or must leave unexpectedly to care for a loved one at a distance, or when something else unexpected comes up.  The information gives the one left behind to handle things the tools s/he needs to handle them properly and without anxiety. That’s a benefit to you both.

That’s the history of my ICE Workbook:  IN CASE OF EMERGENCY–WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN I CAN’T TELL YOU.  I hope it will be as helpful to your family as it has been to mine.

You can get a digital download copy now. Just print it out and fill it in.

Or you can get a printed copy on January 13th.

I hope it puts your mind at ease–and your family’s, too!







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