Down and Dead in Dallas

Down and Dead, Inc., Book 3
military romantic suspense, POW, Vet, bestselling romantic suspense

Down & Dead, Inc. #3

Romantic Suspense
Cozy Mystery
Clean Read Version

Down &  Dead, Inc. Series

#1 Down and Dead in Dixie

#2 Down and Dead in Even

#3 Down and Dead in Dallas



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On Down and Dead in Dixie

“Move over Janet Evanovich! Vicki Hinze is romping through Dixie’s criminal underbelly, and she’s bringing the sassiest heroine since Stephanie Plum. Down and Dead in Dixie is a rip-roaring page-turner that delivers laughs, fantastic characters and twists galore. This one is a must read!”

Peggy Webb

Author Note:  Down and Dead in Dallas was to be released at the time the police officers were murdered in Dallas. While this book has nothing in common with that instance, the title, which was established in Down and Dead in Even, couldn’t be changed, so Vicki elected to delay publication until January 2017 out of respect for the officers, their families, and the people of Dallas.

New Release January 21st.

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About the Book:

Sometimes to live, ya gotta die. And sometimes dying right takes practice…

Christine Branch is elated. Finally her sister, Caroline Branch Easton, has left made the break from her abusive ex, Martin Easton, and returns to Dallas to Christine’s ranchette to heal. Only Martin refuses to let her go. Within twenty-four hours, his thugs are doing everything they can to intimidate Christine into returning home. Christine knows she must do something to get her sister the time and space she needs to heal—and she concocts a plan:

Operation Switch and Bait. The sisters trade lives and Christine baits the thugs into following her. It works! Caroline undergoes counseling, eventually divorces Martin, though he refuses to accept it, and the operation continues… until Martin shows up at the ranchette and issues a return-home ultimatum. Christine’s had enough. She ends the operation, resumes her identity and disappears.

Christine continues with the switch, hoping confusion of two Carolines will assist in a clean getaway. On Christmas, Caroline calls Christine. A chef from Dallas is assisting her. She’s in Even, Georgia but within an hour leaves for Sampson Park. She’ll call again as soon as she’s settled.

But Caroline doesn’t call. And three months later, Christine remains unable to find anything on the mysterious Sampson Park, or on her sister’s whereabouts. She must take the risks of leading Martin to Even to find out what happened to Caroline.

Has she escaped, or is she to remain Down and Dead in Dallas?


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On Down and Dead Inc Novels…

“A lovely recipe of suspense and tenderness seasoned with a clever wit that only Vicki Hinze could cook up!”  ~Debra Webb, USA Today Bestselling author
Down and Dead in Dixie is an edge of your seat, thrilling suspense. It will give you laughing, crying and touching sweet moments.  You will love all the people in this book.  This is a great start to a new series by Vicki Hinze.”    ~Read Your Writes
“I’d recommend this story to anyone looking for a fun, exciting read filled with romance.” ~Hannah Alexander
“Hinze tells this clever tale with a wonderful, intelligent voice that I could listen to all day. Highly recommended!” ~Karla Miller
“This wonderful story shows off Hinze’s gift for humor without missing a beat on the romantic suspense. With dynamic characters and a non-stop plot, this is one book you don’t want to miss! I loved it!” ~ Regan Black

“Sometimes you get lucky and get to read a book that masterfully draws you in and leaves you with a great sense of contentment and compassion, a story that you remember and makes an impact that lasts over time. This is one of those stories, and a must read. Vicki Hinze is one of my very favorite authors, and this is one of her best!” ~Kristen, a Reader

“The best part of this story was that it is appropriate for any age and proves that you can write a successful story without adding graphic details. This is a very enjoyable book that I would recommend to anyone.”  ~Kimberly T. Ferland
“A book I recommend for a laugh and some food for thought. I was thrilled to see another side of this authors writing style. It was so much fun to read and laugh!” ~ Nora St. Laurent, Founder TBCN and Finding Hope Through Fiction
Down and Dead in Dallas published by Magnolia Leaf Press.
ISBN:  978-1-939016-18-8
Pub Date: 1/21/2017

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