Essential Writing Skills Series Articles

By member request, Vicki has had the following articles uploaded to Kindle.

The original articles remain in the library here, but not in the form uploaded. That renders them ineligible for Kindle Unlimited and borrowing. In 2015, these articles were rewritten and expanded. Additional articles pertinent to the topic were also added, and then they were published.

The articles range in length.  Most are 20 plus pages. A few are around 60 pages.  Amazon requires a minimum price of $0.99 so that’s what these are.

The Essential Writing Skills Books (versus articles) are Blue (versus Red). They range from 83 pages up. Portions are in the library here, but not in the exact form uploaded. In 2015, they were rewritten and updated. Currently they are $3.99, per Amazon recommendation.

The Life 101 articles are relevant but not written exclusively for writers.  They are not part of the Essential Writing Skills series. Articles are $2.99 and are available for borrowing through Kindle Unlimited.  They’re listed below the Essential Writing Skills Series articles here and clearly marked Life 101 articles.

The funds received for these projects help cover the costs of maintaining the Writers’ Zone and library and help support the Edna Sampson Benevolence Fund, which aids writers in financial straits.



Please note # 14, 15, 16, and 19 will be published in May 2015.  All other articles are currently available.



These books are available for sale.

Vicki Hinze, Essential Writing Skills, Mistakes Writers Make, creative writing guides


LIFE 101 Articles

These articles are available for borrowing at Kindle Unlimited.


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