Creative Writing Books and Articles on Kindle

My assistant Cheryl has been working to fill your requests of putting my writing books and articles up on Kindle.  She still has a lot to do, but she’s gotten a good bit done on this project (see photo above). You can read excerpts on the ebooks page on my...


If you’re confused about the difference between narrative and exposition, don’t worry. Most writers use the terms synonymously. Both are portions of the work/scene that are engaging but non-active. The author’s telling versus showing. For a clear picture on the...

From a Mess Comes a Message

WARNING: This is a no-edit zone… It’s contest time. Writers from all over the world are entering contests and other writers (and editors and agents) from all over the world are judging and/or critiquing them. I’m critiquing and judging (two separate contests)...
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