Christians and Corruption

Christians and Corruption

CHRISTIANS AND CORRUPTION © 2011, Vicki Hinze WARNING:  This is a no-edit zone….   The news is rife with stories on corruption right now.  Investigation upon investigation is underway.  Story upon story breaks of corruption—money for payback on political support,...
Christians and Corruption


© 2008-2011, Vicki HinzeNearly ten years ago, after a horrific accident that took months of recovery and left slight permanent damage, I wrote an email to myself that contained a daily spiritual post.  That was years before I started My Faith Zone and began sharing...


WARNING: This is a no-edit zone… How we create is a subject often discussed, but most done so from a theoretical standpoint. We we note our observations on the method or creative process from a practical standpoint, we capture a very different picture. The...


We all have an internal compass.It comes to us as flashes of intuition, gut instinct. Sometimes, when danger threatens, it raises the hair on our necks and arms. At others, it comes to us as a gentle knowing.Some say we absorb signals subconsciously and instinct is...
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