Writers and Depression: Tips on the Abyss

Writers worry. It’s the yang side of the creative ying. Yet prolonged visits to the black hole of the abyss aren’t constructive. Those visits rob from creativity and life. Here are some tips–the greatest of which is alluded to–write with...


EACH DAY YOU CHOOSE… ARE YOU A PERSON OF CHARACTER OR A CHARACTER LACKING HUMANITY? We’ve heard since the cradle that no man is an island.  No woman is, either.  Every day we interact with others:  friends, relatives, coworkers, strangers.  And with each...

Aids4Writers Has a New Name: WRITERS’ ZONE

An announcement… The Aids4Writers Program has a new name: Writers’ Zone. Back when I started this group, the AIDs disease was relatively obscure and not really on the public’s radar. Today, of course, it’s an all-too-common term that strikes concern, worry and...


©2008, Vicki Hinze     WARNING:  This is a no-edit zone…   Regardless of career field, at some point and time, most people are confronted with the need to reinvent themselves.  The reasons that prompt the reinvention are as varied as we are.   WHY REINVENT?   It...
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