How Should a Writer Slant What S/He Writes?

How Should a Writer Slant What S/He Writes?

  Last weekend, the largest writing organization in the world held its annual conference, which includes an awards ceremony honoring choices for novels of the year in various categories. Since then, I’ve been flooded with questions about how writers should...
How Should a Writer Slant What S/He Writes?

Back By Request: What’s In YOUR Body of Work?

  What’s in Your Body of Work? by Vicki Hinze   I love and collect quotes. I came across one a couple days ago that totally speaks to the writer in me:   “In every work of genius, we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a...

Writers and Depression: Tips on the Abyss

Writers worry. It’s the yang side of the creative ying. Yet prolonged visits to the black hole of the abyss aren’t constructive. Those visits rob from creativity and life. Here are some tips–the greatest of which is alluded to–write with...


Every year I’m asked to rerun the article, WHY WE NEED A PLAN.  Because the demand this year is higher than ever before, I’ve elected to make it a feature article on my website,  You can read the article (it’s lengthy) HERE....


WARNING: This is a no-edit zone… How we create is a subject often discussed, but most done so from a theoretical standpoint. We we note our observations on the method or creative process from a practical standpoint, we capture a very different picture. The...
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